A Trip to Stoke Gabriel.

I`m on holiday at the moment, infact we both are, so we`ve been getting out and about, we took a trip to Stoke Gabriel, a lovely little village set along the river Dart.

The tide was well out, so the little creek was a tiny trickle amongst vast quantities of mud…the brightly coloured boats lay drunkenly on top.

Theres a causeway that runs across the creek, giving access to the wooded shore the other side, and it was filled with children and their parents crabbing, there was much excitement..normally we`d walk across, but the water was still trickling over the very slippery weedy surface, and as I only had sandals on, we didnt bother!

On the quayside is this lovely little cafe called The River Shack, when we came in the Spring, they were in the process of redecorating it, so I was curious to see what they`d done

I wasnt disappointed, it was so pretty, with white and grey/blue walls, stripey blinds to match, and a fabulous white shelf unit, filled with little wooden boats, picture frames, wooden birds and other `watery` gifts…

In one corner there are lovely big squashy couches, with pastel cushions, a table laden with magazines to browse, and decorated with a gorgeous driftwood looking clock, and carved heron on a side table, fabulous…just the place to drink coffee and eat cake, and while a lazy day away…

We indulged in a very naughty calorie filled real strawberry and clotted cream ice cream, then wandered into the village…its very pretty place, everywhere seems to have made the best of itself, I was very impressed, this little craft shop and gallery was gay with bunting and flowers outside, and full of pretty things inside.

Even the old village pump, was decorated with flowers, its nice that people take a pride in the places that they live, and preserve the past, for the generations to come.

We walked upto the church, it sits on the hill above the creek, and dates back to the Norman times….a plain, solid, little church, the graveyard flowing down the hill to the water, that gently laps and ruffles in the wind, the sun warming the headstones, and the moon shining bright on a starry night…what a lovely place to rest your bones….

The church inside was anything but plain, it was light and airy, with fabulous decorated vaulted ceiling, and a lovely carved rood screen..the displays of flowers were beautiful, in creams and blues with huge blue hydranga heads, lovely…and that wonderful peaceful stillness that all churches have..

Hung on one of the walls were two huge hand sewn hangings, depicting various aspects of the church, they were very skillfully sewn and very beautiful.

Having enjoyed the solitude of the church, we walked round the graveyard, theres a magnificent thousand year old yew tree that dominates it, its huge elderly boughs propped up…but even so it was full of bright red berries…how lovely is that, and set around the trunk are some sections of wood that show the history of a tree that has lived that long…fascinating…such a lovely day, filled with so many interesting things.


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